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9210 Pörtschach

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Mo - Fr: 8:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. &
2:30 p.m. - 6 p.m.
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OPEN 24/7

Our pharmacy vending machine

In our self-service machine you will also find the most common non-prescription items for first aid, everyday needs or small ailments outside of our opening hours.
The pharmacy vending machine is temperature-controlled and protected by a UV protective film.

Note: For legal reasons, we are not allowed to dispense any medicines via the vending machine – these are only available directly from the pharmacy.


NRproductproduct description
10Viobella 1 Stk.pregnancy test
11Clearblue 1 Stk.pregnancy test
12Lactamousse Fresh 50mlcleaning foam for the genital area
13Multi Gyn Actigel 50 mlvaginal gel to improve vaginal flora
14Lubexx 50mllubricating gel
15Curafam 10 Stk.condoms
16OB normal 16 Stk.tampon normal
17OB super 16 Stk.tampon super
20Cevitt heiße Zitrone 14 drink to support the immune system
21Magnofit Ultra 14 Stk.magnesium
23Normison Ohrentropfen 10mlfor preventive and concomitant therapy of inflammation of the
external auditory canal
24Easy Ear Ohrentropfen 7grelieves pain and itching in the external auditory canal
25Tasectan Duo Kinder Plv. 250mg 12 Stk.for diarrhea in children
26Perskindol Active Gel Classic 100gwarming gel for muscles
27Tasectan Duo Tabletten 500mg 12 Stk.tablets against diarrhea for adults
30Coldamaris Plus Nasenspray 20mlprotecting nose spray for adults
31Emser Sinusitis Forte Nasenspray 15mldecongestant nose spray for adults
32Luuf Mare Baby Nasenspray 20mlnose spray for babys and children with seasalt
33Junior Angin Pastillen 24 Stk.lozenges for children from 4 years of age
34Widmer All Day Sonnenmilch LSF30 100mllight sun milk with SPF30, waterproof
35Stilaxx Hustenpastillen 28 Stklozenges against dry cough for children from 4 years of age
36Stilaxx Hustensaft Erwachsene 200mlsyrup against dry cough for adults and children from 4 years
of age
37Stilaxx Hustensaft Kinder 100mlsyrup against dry cough for children from 1 year of age
40Octenisept Wundgel 20mlfor acute wounds and minor burns for example sunburn
41Hansaplast Classic 1mx6cmbandage plaster
42La Roche Anthelios Kind 50+ 50mlsuncream for children with SPF50+
43La Roche Anthelios Stick 50+ 9gsun protection stick with SPF50+
44Bepanthen Schaumspray 75mlfor minor burns and sunburn
45Dextro Energy neutral 138gdextrose
46Gelo Revoice Kirsch-Menthol 20 Stk.lozenges against sore throat & dry cough
47Aloe Vera Gel 98% 200mlcooling, moisturizing aloe vera gel for sunburn
50Bepanthen Augentropfen 10mleye drops against dry eyes
51Bepanthen Augentropfen 20 x 0,5mlsingle dose eye drops against dry eyes
52Omni-Biotic 10AAD 10 Stk.intestinal bacteria against diarrhea
54Compeed Herpesbläschen Patches 15 Stk.patch against cold sores
55Lomaherpan Lippenpflegecreme 5mlcream against cold sores
56Alpinamed Preiselbeer Fimtabletten 60 Stk.tablets against cystitis
57Ohropax Classic Geräuschschutz 12 Stk.ear defenders
60Novalac Pre 400gbaby food
62Fieberthermometer Braundigital clinical thermometer
63Avene Repair Lotion nach der Sonne 200mlafter sun lotion
65S.Calon Shampoo 100mllice shampoo
66Parodontax Zahnpasta 150gtooth paste
67Dulcosoft 250mla mild solution against constipation